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Research Opportunities for High Schoolers

MyNetworkHer is focused on making non-binary, female and other marginalised communities aware of the STEM opportunities existing in our surroundings, especially the financially accessible opportunities.

After thorough research, we have come up with a list of research opportunities for high school students that provide either need-based, need-aware, or merit scholarships after a few steps of application and screening.

Founded by Harvard and Oxford researchers, the Lumiere Research Scholar Program helps students work 1-on-1 with a Ph.D. mentor to learn about the cutting edge in their field of interest and produce an independent research project.

The process of admission includes ~ Online application—- Interview Round—-Mentor Matching.Need-based scholarship is available for students whose family income is less than $50000 per year (US Applicants) or 15 lakh Indian rupees per year.

Horizon Academic (HARP) is a trimester-long online research program for extraordinary high school students to refine their interest in an academic subject. Students will develop a college-level research project under the individualized guidance of a professor from a globally renowned university.

The process of admission is the same as Lumiere Education. In order to access need-based scholarship, students need to individually contact the staff. Classes vary from one-one to group classes(maximum student 6) as per choice.

We focus on skill building and workforce development in technologies that are going to change the world over the next decade, such as Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. With a commitment to accessible, supportive computer science education, we offer learning pathways and programs for individuals at every stage of their STEM journey, including: K-12 students and educators, community college and university students and faculty, and members of the workforce.

Need-based scholarship is available. The application process varies as per programs.

We hope these programs will ignite the sleeping scientists in you all and drive your interests towards research in STEM. The application deadlines vary from season to season. Therefore, go through the website and find the best fit for yourself.

Stay tuned for more opportunities in STEM!

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