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Sukanya Konar 🤝

University Student @ SRM Institute of Science and Technology

  • 30 minutes

About the Mentor 🌱

Hello, I'm Sukanya Konar, an accomplished front-end web developer and content writer with a deep passion for technology and social impact. I'm passionate about technology and creativity, and I thrive on turning ideas into captivating digital experiences. Currently, I'm serving as the Technology and Web Design Director at BioMedizone, where I'm driving innovation and excellence in web development. Additionally, I am a Course Director for the Biomedical Programming course at BioMedizone, leveraging my expertise to educate and empower others. I'm a Computer Science major at SRM Institute of Science and Technology. My journey in tech includes roles as a Scholar at Kode With Klossy and an Intern at Girls Who Code, where I honed my coding skills and worked on real-world projects. I've created impactful web solutions, from campaign pages for renowned brands like Estee Lauder Nutritious to websites for the Asian LGBTQ+ community in fashion and women's rights advocacy. I'm passionate about promoting diversity in technology, and I'm an active member of Rewriting The Code, where I work toward bridging the gender gap in tech. My technical expertise spans HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, data structures, and algorithms. I've successfully delivered projects both independently and through collaboration, showcasing leadership skills by leading development teams. As a content writer, I've had the opportunity to express my creativity and insights. I've written for organizations like PyGirls Initiative, The Literary Committee SRMIST, and Lens Bondi Golpo, allowing me to convey meaningful messages through my words. What truly drives me is the intersection of tech and social good. I believe technology has the power to drive positive change and amplify underrepresented voices. Through my work, I aspire to create a more equitable and compassionate world, leveraging code as a tool for meaningful impact.

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