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Empowering the next generation of industry change-makers.

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We are 2023 Riley's Way Call For Kindness Grant Recipients and Fellows! ☁️

More than just a team 👋

Welcome to myNetworkHer! We are a
youth-led organization made by students, for students. Our goal is to make the next generation of women in STEM confident in their future. Through our mentoring and speaker programs, we make high school easier for people of gender-marginalized communities everywhere.


Did you know?

84% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs

100% of Fortune 50 companies do 

For Who?

Formulated for gender-marginalized high school students



Networking, no-more cold emails, completely free, easy bookings. the question isn't why, it's why not?

Mentors from Puerto Rico to India

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It was amazing, I really enjoyed learning more about the field, her experiences as a women in STEM, and gained incredible advice for female trailblazers. It was really detailed oriented...

Mentee '23 

High School Mentorship for myNetworkHer Featuring
High School Mentorship for myNetworkHer Featuring
Dr. Tarika Barrett CEO of Girls Who Code Discussing myNetworkHer.png
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  Our Pilot Program 🚀





Our Reach

Our Instagram aims to empower women in the industry, and teach others about the impact women have in tech. @mynetworkher is run by myNetworkHer's social media team. 


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Let's get started on this Mentorship Journey Together 🎉.