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My experience with Kode With Klossy

My name is Nicole and I am a rising Senior in high school. Over the summer, I was accepted as a Kode With Klossy scholar for the program’s two-week intensive coding camp, designed for traditionally underrepresented genders in the STEAM field. The Kode With Klossy Summer program offers a variety of curricula such as Web Development and Machine Learning, so I was excited when I found out that I would be learning about Mobile App Development. Though having basic prior experience in programming, I remember feeling a bit nervous and overwhelmed at the thought of learning such a large amount of coding curriculum in a short span of time. I had never participated in an online coding camp before, so I was not sure what to expect. However, just by attending the first day of class, I had realized that there was no need to feel anxious about the daunting appearance that a coding camp may give off.

The environment of the camp was constantly filled with positive attitudes and enthusiastic comments in the chat. Each day, Instructors, Instructor Assistants (IAs), and Scholars would have playful and vibrant zoom backgrounds, encouraging a sense of connection and an overall fun activity that I would look forward to. The camp was split into smaller groups led by the IAs, providing greater opportunity to bond with other Scholars and engage in fun breaks and games. Our final project consisted of using our new coding knowledge to build an app in a team environment. This aspect of the camp was very valuable because I was able to apply what I had learned in the camp to construct a skincare app that my group members and I felt passionate about.

There was so much more to the program than what I had previously expected. This was not only an opportunity to learn about Mobile App code, but a chance to learn more about the background of gender bias and other issues associated with the technology field. It also provided me with a burst of inspiration from passionate women speakers that intertwined with the technology interests of the audience. I reflected that I had left the program with a new knowledge and stronger perspective of Mobile App Development and a growth of vital skills that will help me in my future career.

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